A few days behind on this topic. Missoni for Target launched this Tuesday Sept. 13- it was mayhem. The website crashed for most of the day, and lines of fashionistas camped outside of stores. I went to a valley target, was 10th in line and practically got trampled when doors opened! Grabbing, groping, carts, and lost limbs. The experience was similar to the Free City section during the Fred Segal sale; complete with two A list celeb spottings.

My friend was in Washington State, where she was able to casually shop for everything at 11am. When she was checking out, the sales associate offered "You know, this designer usually sells sweaters like this for like $300. Who would buy a sweater for $300?!?", she was quite appalled when she was corrected with a more appropriate Missoni price point.

I did happen to grab most of the intimate collection, a couple woman’s sweaters, the heels and the overlooked men’s sweaters. Unfortunately no home items were left! The quality is much better than expected, it also looks better in person. This is definitely the best line, quality and quantity-wise Target has ever launched.