Spring Soirée Vegetable Salad Recipe

April 27, 2013

 Vegetable Salad & Easy Italian Dressing 
 Best grilled!

1 medium zucchini (larger ones are more bitter) 

1 bunch of asparagus 

Kernels stripped from 1 ear of corn 

 1 tomato 

Grill zucchini, asparagus and corn. Let cool. Chop raw tomato, grilled veggies and add to big bowl. Feel free to personalize with your favorite vegetables, or add your favorite lettuce and protein.  

For the dressing:

 2 parts good olive oil, 1 part red wine vinegar, juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 cloves garlic, sprinkle of salt, healthy sprinkling of Italian seasoning (or fresh herbs like oregano, parsley, etc.). Combine in a food processor until well incorporated. 


Spring Soirée Spritzer Recipe

April 27, 2013

 1 bottle of your favorite chilled white wine (I like Pinot Grigio) 

A splash of simple syrup 

Splash of fresh squeezed juice (I use strawberry) 

Right before serving, pour in about 3 cups club soda 

Stir all ingredients and served chilled. Try garnishing with melon, mint or citrus fruit. 

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January 2, 2013

Accesorizing is quite possibly the best part of design. Old rules still apply, remember the 3 and 5 rule when decorating a tabletop. Play with heights, natural elements and personal items to make  great statement.

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Haunt your House

October 2, 2012

Something to really die over: chic haunted houses. Create yours with the help of Alexander McQueen for the Rug Company. To order yours, go here- or contact us to decorate your house for the season!  

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Patriotic Pans

September 23, 2012

Show your favorite state some love with these totally original cast iron skillets from FeLion Studios. Buy yours here!

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Fabric Care

September 10, 2012

We've all lived on the wild side when it comes to laundering our items. I've ruined plenty of garments because I didn't want to pay the $3.50 for dry cleaning (like my amazing silk Prada investment skirt). Avoid mistakes with this easy guide. For a more indepth text about fabrics click here.

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Easy Kids Room

August 25, 2012

Kids rooms are super fun to design, I use the below rules when decorating for kids:

If a paint color looks really light, stick with it. Nothing is worse than walking into a pepto bismol pink room
Throw a rug down, even if it's over carpet-it pulls the look together (and keeps your floors safe)
Let your child pick the bedding, you'll need: fitted sheet, flat sheet, pillow sham, pillow case, duvet, duvet cover & a quilt
Add photos-kids love pictures
Keep it simple. Don't worry too much about deco...

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All that Glitters

August 8, 2012

Once reserved for the serious decorator ($200 a pillow), sparkle pillows are now everywhere! The above pillows are both fabulous and affordable for high and low budgets. (From top to bottom: Glazed Pillow Cover $19.99 Westelm.com, Metallized Linen Long by MAISON DE VACANCES,  $200 calypsostbarth.com)

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Pro Labels

June 28, 2012

There are so many ways to personalize life, and for good reason. I was given this bottle of wine from my artistic friend, Trisha, and didn't realize she had personalized a label until she mentioned it! What started as a small hobby has started to grow and now she's making personalized labels (you would swear the bottles just came off the shelf) and logos! I love the idea  of half champagne bottles & magnum wine with the look I love. Visit Trisha's website or contact trisharwong@gmail.com to s...

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Hostess Gifts

June 25, 2012

The best guest is one who comes with a gift. Instead of the usual candle or wine, impress your host with something unexpected.
Something sweet: Paulette macaroons (beyond delicious), & Sees Candy ( Enough said)
Something unexpected: Monogrammed cards by pickettspapers.com, & a Perfume Gun by  Frederic Malle 
Never fails: Good olive oil (I prefer Castelas Organic), & photo frames by Two's Company

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