Wine expert Anthony Giglio was asked about choosing wine. Here are some highlights of his interview...

" Because of chardonnay and merlot’s popularity—they’re two of the most popular varietals right now—they’re overmade. They show no personality from bottle to bottle, brand to brand. A $7 chardonnay tastes like cheap movie popcorn. There are so many other grapes that you can get for under $10. Spain is the land of the greatest bargain in the world right now. You can get great whites and reds for $8."
"Young people tend to be more open and more adventurous. An older crowd, the moneyed classes, and sixtysomething crowd, they want fancier wine, they want Europe. They don’t want California. So I’ll try to find something Old World, because it’s considered in better taste and better pedigree."
"People are getting more accustomed to seeing wines surround a meal. I’ve done events where the dessert wine is dessert, and they’ll put that alongside a cheese course. It’s definitely a food trend that you’ll see a cheese plate instead of a dessert, and paired with one final wine that’s served in a pretty small portion that doesn’t cost a lot. If you did a sherry or port, it’s a one or two-ounce pour at most. Sherry with a cheese course is delicious. Unless it’s a blue [cheese], then I would use a sauternes or something sweet."
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