Vegetable Salad & Easy Italian Dressing 
 Best grilled!

1 medium zucchini (larger ones are more bitter) 

1 bunch of asparagus 

Kernels stripped from 1 ear of corn 

 1 tomato 

Grill zucchini, asparagus and corn. Let cool. Chop raw tomato, grilled veggies and add to big bowl. Feel free to personalize with your favorite vegetables, or add your favorite lettuce and protein.  

For the dressing:

 2 parts good olive oil, 1 part red wine vinegar, juice of 1/2 a lemon, 2 cloves garlic, sprinkle of salt, healthy sprinkling of Italian seasoning (or fresh herbs like oregano, parsley, etc.). Combine in a food processor until well incorporated.